Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System is an online web-based learning platform designed for the Casino industry. Train employees, Test their knowledge,  track their progress, review reports and print certificates of completion all from one place. Many companies are using our Learning Management System to save thousands of dollars in expenses while reducing the risk of fines and penalties.


User Friendly

-User friendly navigation-

-Eye pleasing color palettes-

Classroom Training

-Session planning and scheduling-

-Nomination workflow for users and supervisors-

-Wait list concept-

Blended Learning

– Blend online & classroom training-

– Create hybrid courses –

User Management

-Customizable user roles (Instructor, Learner, Line Manager, LMS administrator) and profiles-

-Users can be imported/exported-

-Users can be approved and enrolled manually by administrator-


-Multiple question types supported-

-Ability to set time limit, attempt limit, mandatory questions-

Tracking & Reporting

-Multiple standard reports to get you started-

-Ability to export reports to excel and html formats-

-Print reports, send reports by email-

-Administrators can set reports as favorites and schedule them-

Course Customization

-Customizable learner login screen ( by Admin)-

-Fully configurable course catalog with numerous levels of public and private categories possible-

-Brandable portal header to represent your Casino-


-Proven compability with external systems such as HRIS-

24/7 Web Access

-Completely web based-

-Access through all major web browsers-

-Train and Track 24/7-


Real-time message integration instantly informs learners, trainers and supervisors of events such as overdue or failed courses.

Store all your training records in one place. Use the LMS to track classroom training in addition to online training.

Casino Essentials affordably customizes or simply converts any of your training, videos or documents for ease of use in the LMS.

We are with you every step of the way to assist with every aspect of your Learning Management System, consistently providing World Class Customer service!  Just listen to what our Clients are saying about us!