Download the Compliance Series Course Descriptions

We are your #1 source for mandatory compliance training: Sexual Harassment Prevention, Title 31 Compliance, Workplace Discrimination Prevention, Responsible Gaming, Responsible Alcohol Server Awareness, and more!

We created a suite of courses dedicated to anti-money laundering and critical content necessary for a safe and inclusive workforce; our courses are regularly updated to comply with Federal training requirements.

Courses Included:

✓ Title 31 Introduction Overview

✓ Title 31 Transaction Reporting for Operations

✓ Title 31 SAR Incident Scenarios & Reporting

✓ Title 31 for Executives & Compliance Professionals

✓ Title 26 & Form 8300 for Non-Casino Departments

✓ OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)

✓ Sexual Harassment for California Supervisors : Part 1 & 2

✓ Sexual Harassment Prevention Refresher

✓ Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

✓ Sexual Harassment Awareness for Frontline

✓ Sexual Harassment Awareness for Frontline – California

✓ Workplace Discrimination Prevention

✓ Workplace Diversity Guidelines

✓ Responsible Gaming Awareness

✓ HIPAA Privacy Act Overview

✓ Substance Abuse Awareness

✓ Responsible Social Media for Team Members


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